Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Free Wheelin'

Free Wheelin - oil on canvas - 30x36
Not exactly tiptoe-ing through the tulips...but my idea of the next best thing...pedal power through them! I love riding my bike.  I like the scents in the air as I whiz along, being able to hear bird sounds.  Out in the country where I live we have some nice trails that are good for bike riding.  In Ottawa in the spring there is a glorious tulip festival where I saw many people going for rides.  This painting was inspired by that.


  1. Good morning Sally! So much fun to be the first to comment on this beautiful piece! I not only love the painting but I love the title. "Free Wheelin" is another of my many favorites! Love the story behind the painting! I love the size of this one also! Nice to see it on the easel in your last post! Great colors! Love the perspective! Flowers in the foreground are fabulous! I am also drawn to the great background! So very, very nice! A pleasure to look at over and over again!
    Take care!
    Your Tulip Loving South Of The Border Art Buddy!

  2. Just lovely Sally. So atmospheric.

  3. Michael thank you so much for your delightful comments, I truly appreciate them. Happy Thanksgiving, i do hope you dont have loved ones travelling in the bad weather conditions. Thanksgiving is for thankfulness, and I am MOST thankful for your art buddyship.

  4. Yay, Sarah, thanks for your comment, looking forward to a catchup over lunch next week. xo

  5. Hi Sally,

    This painting makes me miss my former home. Ottawa is such a beautiful city, and the tulips are a delightful part of that. Gorgeous work!

    XOXOXOXO Barbara


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