Wednesday, November 19, 2014

finding treasures

Marga Vanderwal and Sue Hale
two of four artists at studio #6
My friend Marga Vanderwal, artist extraordinaire of gorgeous pottery has invited me to show some work at her Christmas open house show and sale!  The show will be held at her lovely home overlooking the St Lawrence river on Treasure Island, not far from Kingston.  I'm excited!  It will be a drop in affair all day on Sunday December 7th.  It's so fun to do intimate house shows and Marga's wonderful pottery is an inspiration for me.  
outside, the weather was frightful
inside, the fire delightful
At the weekend art show in the Rockport, Thousand Islands area, I was very lucky to sell 3 paintings.  Traffic was way down this past weekend compared to last years show,  although it was a pleasant time anyway hanging out with the 3 lovely artists who shared LaRue House with me.  We hung out around the woodstove in the quaint little building laughing and sharing stories.  I dont mean to sound all 'Pollyanna-like', but really... in this life, these moments are the real treasures, are they not?

Last night, I was beginning a group of small paintings, had just loaded my brush with a gob of cadmium red and 'poof'...we lost power! The radiator in my studio died, blackness ensued while the wind ferociously howled outside.  I called to Dave who came up the stairs with a flashlight enabling me to clean off my brush.  The rest of the evening was spent cozying up to the wood stove, knitting by candlelight (Dave playing solitaire on his ipad).  Thank goodness for wood stoves, the house was getting chillier by the minute.  Luckily, about 5 hours later we regained power.  Times like this make me realize how much of a treasure it is to enjoy a warm house and electricity; though sitting by the fire together was also a sort of treasure.


  1. Hi Sally, so much of interest and beauty to catch up on your blog.
    All your paintings are superb! I'm sorry I've been a poor follower of late - finding it hard to keep on top of things in blogland! I so love seeing all your wintry themes and scenes - looks very cosy as we hurtle towards the heat over here! Will return again soon to catch up in more depth. Is your arm better now?

  2. Congrats on the sales! I like the pictures of the different places where you show your work. Those environments are so pretty, what a nice place to sit and talk to people about your art! I'm glad your power outage wasn't too difficult or too long-lasting.

  3. HI Wendy! Yes thanks my arm is starting to improve, although I have had to be sure to use my left arm for many tasks to take the 'pressure' off the right arm's workload while it heals. I went for a special SKENAR treatment(Self Controlled Energy Neuro Adaptive Regulator) at my local naturopath's which has helped greatly in targeting the inflammation and pain. One week later things are looking good again:) Your watercolour & sketching is lovely these days.

  4. Hi Katherine,
    Thankyou for stopping by my blog, always nice to have artist pals become regulars. I'll bet you are busy busy with art commissions for Xmas presents. love your work.

  5. Hi Sally, Glad to hear about your arm! I will have to look up SKENAR!


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