Monday, July 8, 2013

birdyhouse and great weekend

 This is the birdhouse that Holly chose for me from an artisan at Art Among The Ruins.   I love's hard to see in the vid, but it has such whimsey, twigs and branches attached to it, and the colourful stains on the wood allow the woodgrain to be seen nicely too.  I loved the different styles of them that she made.  Holly bought a blue one for herself.

We just finished  a  lovely summer weekend full of family and fun.  My daughter Holly and I, left Dave and Jeff to install a new front door at their house on Saturday morning while she and I set off to look for a wedding dress! 

She is getting married next July, and being an organized sort of person, now was as good a time as any to begin the search.  She found one! And it's so lovely, she's delighted and so am I...we didn't expect it would be so easy!  

After the door was in and secured, we enjoyed a marvelous smoked bbq before setting out for an evening of fun and frolic at Ottawa Blues Fest, and that was a treat.  The Dixie Chicks were headlining that night; Dave and Jeff love their music.  I liked the tunes and the electric fiddle especially:)
me at the Dixie Chicks at Ottawa Blues fest

I slept in on Sunday, and woke up to find Holly and Jeff cleaning and detailing Dave's truck! oh my goodness... can you get any more generous than that?  

Sunday afternoon we met up with Dave's sisters and brothers families for a summer get-together, which was so wonderful to catch up with some of the gang. 


  1. Glad you enjoyed yourselves so much...We had a FABULOUS weekend!! Could you please email me this pic of me and Sam, Shaun, Jeff and Jay, what a nice pic of us all. Hope you have a nice day around the house! Xoxo

  2. Hi Sally, I loved the little video of your beautiful bird house. The bird song was gorgeous!
    It is so nice to hear how much lovely time you spend with your family.

  3. Hi Holly! Thanks to you guys it was FABULOUS! And yes thankyou I got lots done today.

  4. Hi Wendy,
    I know this is meant to be an art blog, but sometimes when i have a great time with my family, i find that more interesting to write about! ha ha. Yes the birdsong on the vid is a treat isn't it. I haven't figured out yet which bird it is, but I'm thinking maybe a red-wing blackbird. Birdsong is so different in Australia isn't it? I remember the gorgeous magpies songs there and the cockatiels and cuckabura too.

  5. I enjoy reading anything you choose to blog about Sally. I think it's fun to diversify. Yes, your local birds sound very gentle and charming and tweety. Ours are a little more raucous and unseemly.
    I meant to say - that is a lovely photo of you at the Dixie Chicks concert.

  6. thanks again, Wendy! I love the sound of Australian birds, i even bought a CD called Australian Birdsong, and it is one of my favourites....takes me right back there when i listen to it.

  7. How lovely! Have you holidayed in Australia since you went to live back in Canada?

  8. Yes, we went back for a holiday for our 30th anniversary, which was 5 years ago...loved it!


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