Monday, July 15, 2013

Starlight # 2

oil on canvas - 24" x 24"
Starlight # 2 is a larger version of a smaller study(8x8 wood panel) done a few months ago. This one is on canvas; consequently there's a number of differences from the original study.  Brushwork behaves differently on canvas than wood panel.  Colours blend more. There is more scope for mood.  I like how on the larger version, you get to 'look around' more...wonder about what's hiding in the shadows...oh - look...some fireflies are playing there.  
This one is definately one for the dreamscape file folder!  

I'm not completely sure that I will call it Starlight # 2.  Sounds kind of boring.  I'd like something more original; but definitely want to avoid whimsical overtones in the title, because it already is so blatantly that....don't want to push it completely over the edge. 

This weekend is the ' Fantasy in the Forest' art show. Jamie Brick runs this 2 day show; this year featuring 22 artists, and taking place in a new woodland setting not far from Perth Road Village.  The forecast is for clouds on Saturday but sun on Sunday.  I'm in this show for the first time this year and plan to bring mostly my dreamscapes , mini painted blocks and handmade items from my Gallery at the Porch Door.


  1. This painting is so pretty. Beautiful sky and wonderful warm glow. It looks and sounds like you had fun painting it.

  2. Beautiful Sally. It must be wonderful on that scale. I love the intense affection for the landscape that it conveys. Right on!

    XOXO Barbara

  3. Sally!
    So very beautiful!
    Love this one. I certainly remember #1 of this glorious piece.
    Very mystical and surreal! Love it! Love it! Love it!
    Also love your "backyard" work posted the other day!
    Great greens and shadows!
    I am so happy I get to see your wonderful art and read your posts!
    Keep on keeping on my Canadian Art Friend!

  4. What about "Star Skies and Fire Flies?"...This is sooo gorgeous MOm! I love this one! Right away I thought of your home in Kingston. It looks so warm and inviting, like we could be driving up the road to meet you for a glass of something delicious on the porch. Its warm, inviting, yet magical and dreamy. One of my favs for sure!

  5. Hi Sarah, o yes I did have fun painting it! thank you!

  6. Hi Barbara!
    An intense affection for the landscape...i love that you got that from this!

  7. Michael, so lovely to have your wonderful comments, thank you my US art buddy.

  8. Thanks for the suggestion, Holly, I like it! Yes I suppose it could easily remind you of our place...i wanted it to invoke a feeling of 'home' and a certain magic in that word.

  9. I LOVE this Sally!!! So ethereally beautiful! You are so clever!


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