Thursday, July 18, 2013

Breast Cancer Action Kingston furniture revival art auction

A few weeks ago I met a volunteer and cancer survivor, Mary, who asked if I would consider working on a donated piece of furniture for a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Action Kingston.  They would supply the furniture's easy to say yes own mother passed away from a recurred breast cancer in 1992. I was in! 

Last weekend my friend Sherry Pringle invited us to her beautiful cottage in the Thousand Islands, and while there I was thinking about this project, and wondering what to was obvious from my surroundings, that a cottage theme set in the Thousand Islands would make a great subject for the theme of the piece...I mean who cant use a funky little folk art handpainted chair for their cottage?  After all ...the whole idea is to make it appealing so folks might bid on it; hence raising the desired funds for the cause.

Yesterday I painted the main part on the seat.  I plan to collage a map of the islands on part of the back, and the rest will be finished in a pale blue paint with some funky coloured bits on the spindles.  I'll post again when its fully finished. Quite a pleasure doing this:)


  1. The chair is looking fantastic Sally! your plans for completing it sound great. Can't wait to see it finished!
    So sorry to hear that your mum had to battle with such a horrible thing.

  2. Sally, That chair is going to be spectacularly beautiful and a treasure for whoever buys it.

  3. Oh mom this chair looks just gorgeous!!! you should consider making things like this to include in your gallery. I couldnt imagine anyone not wanting a little chair or something for the home or cottage....It really looks great!

  4. Thanks Wendy! It was so lovely to have your email this morning!

  5. Hey there Sue! thanks, I'm glad you like the chair! It's sort of fun doing painted furniture...o could get into it easily..... ha ha

  6. Hi Holly,
    thanks honey, I might consider making some painted wood furniture items ...just have to find the bits of interesting furniture to do up, it'd be fun:)

  7. hi sally.....
    what a beautiful piece you're making. and for such a wonderful cause. i love the idea of the map to finish it off. i'm sure it will draw out the bids.
    thanks for you lovely comment on my blog!!


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