Sunday, July 28, 2013

Finishing touches

Just spent a wonderful weekend rekindling old friendships with our friend's Mary & Mark.  They live near Hamilton, Ontario.  Mary inspires me with her great party hosting skills! We were invited to join their annual spaghetti dinner, and met lots of lovely people who are good friends of theirs and we shared the meal delightfully under some awnings and by candlelight in their backyard.  The weather was perfect! Stupidly I forgot to take pictures of the outdoor setup, but here's one of the flowers, and other supplies all ready to be moved out onto the large dining table under the stars.  On Saturday we took in a pub meal and the beautiful quaint town of Niagara on the Lake, and that is ALWAYS a joy.

When I got home today i put the finishing touches on my chair for the Breast Cancer Action Furniture Revival Art Auction.  I finished it in the palest blue with orange, yellow and cornflower blue accents.  I decided to give it a name, "Cottage Dreams" which I painted on the edge of the seat under the main image.  The back features gradated colours of sky and water.  I was going to add some fish motif's but thought it would be overkill.  The quote 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' by Leonardo DaVinci always come to my mind when I am unsure about adding embellishments...and usually the simple idea wins.


  1. Your chair is so pretty - it has come out so well - maybe this could be a new venture for you?
    Niagra on the Lake is beautiful and we have taken many of our UK visitors there, quite a contrast to the commercialized Falls.

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I hadn't realised until reading Sarah's post that you hadn't meant Niagara falls - I will google Niagara Lake.
    Your chair looks fantastic Sally! You are very clever!
    Someone will be thrilled to have it.

  3. Hi Sarah and Wendy! thank you for your nice comments on the chair! Yes Niagara on the Lake is such a gorgeous old fashioned type of town...with a proper high street and lovely architecture...on the other hand, the town of Niagara Falls is an ugly embarrassment for most Canadians, and , yet the falls themselves are so incredibly spectacular. Wendy the problem is that commercialism has taken over in an ugly unbridled manner, with lots of 'tourist traps' like wax museums and themed amusements, and the strip overlooking the falls is one skyrise hotel after another with a huge casino thrown in the mix too.

  4. Oh your chair looks gorgeous!!! What an absolutely awesome job you did with this Mom! You should totally consider this kind of work to add to your Gallery.

    I LOVE the bottles with the daisies, that Mary used to decorate. So simply, yet so beautiful! Hmmm might have to use something like this for the big day!

    Hope you have a lovely afternoon!

  5. Thank you Holly! I would definately paint some more fun things if I find the right little pieces to work on. Always nice to have new items in the gallery/shop. Yes I immediately thought of you when I saw the simple daisies in a bottle, i knew you'd love them. easy peasy decorating, but OH SO EFFECTIVE!

  6. Sally,
    Your chairs are beautiful!
    The cause is so very important!
    Thank you!
    Take care.

  7. How beaautiful. I love what you did with the chair. You are brilliant.

    XOXO Barbara

  8. Cool Looking chairs Sally. Never thought of painting on chairs before nice :)


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