Monday, April 13, 2015

building ideas from photo reference

oil on canvas - 30x30 " - $800
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This painting developed in a rather tonalist manner. I wanted an atmosphere of tranquility even though there is activity(with the rider).  The light falling through the canopy of trees is the main idea...dappled light falling on form. The form just happens to be a lawn, trees, a figure riding, and some houses on the street. Looking at it now, I realize I've made the light a little too cool in the forground, I'll likely tweak that tomorrow.

I took my resource photo(below) last fall, in City park near old Sydenham old stones neighbourhood in downtown Kingston. There's always lots of students passing through on their way to and from the university. It's a busy place. I added architecture to create a sense of the place.  I enjoy taking liberty with photo resources.  That's the whole fun of it all!  Changing shapes and forms to suit my sensibility.

my photo reference
Abstract design and colour relationships are at the heart of what I'm doing, and that keeps me interested while I'm painting. Detail is skimpy for a reason. I want a sense of anonymity with the figure. (perhaps it is someone you might know, or maybe not)  Atmosphere is key.

I resolved the painting this morning, which was a good had been in the studio and gone through various stages of completion over a couple of weeks! Sometimes it just DOES take more time. Good thing I enjoy the process.  Afterwards in the afternoon I went for tea and to check out my friend Bonnie Brook's new work! (wonderful!) what a great afternoon of art pals and art chat!


  1. A beautiful painting. I had a vivid sense memory looking at it of being in that park with my niece when she was a baby and sitting under a magnificent tree watching the reflection of the tree leaves on her gorgeous, huge blue eyes as she lay googling at
    me on her blanket. In those days googling meant the funny little noises babies made trying to talk. Love this whole post.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

    1. that's a wonderful memory, and I'm glad my painting triggered it! yes funny how words like google have changed their meanings! thanks for your lovely comment! chat soon xoxo


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