Friday, April 24, 2015


Primroses - oil on panel - 6x8"
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I'm doing a sun dance this weekend.  OMG, we had SNOW this morning, ugh. SO over it!

So, I had a moment on the way to yoga on Thursday morning. Driving along, thinking about living in the moment...what it really means; suddenly a shift in my perspective occurred, it felt profound.  I know we all get these moments from time to time. It's good they occur randomly and infrequently because it makes it more special.  I like when that happens. What it felt like was that the big picture was no longer down the road and in the future, but  all around me, right here, right now. I was hyper aware of it.  Quite wondrous really.

I resolved this week to be mindful of as many moments as possible, notice and  acknowledge them. It's actually quite a challenge.


  1. LOVE this painting Sally!! So pretty and springful!
    You poor thing, I can imagine how fed up you must be with the snow!
    I'm sorry I have become an infrequent blog visitor these days but I so enjoy catching up on what I've missed in the interim! Your prolific output is inspiring!
    I loved hearing about the profound shift in awareness you had - how wonderful! I hope it lasted for a while.

  2. hey there Wendy, lovely to have your comment. dont worry about being infrequent, I am too! but it's nice when you do pop in, and I'm glad you enjoy the little primroses painting. I loved painting it. I actually saw a yellow primrose in the back of my shade garden yesterday when I was out exploring around the yard. It came back perrenially from last years potted one that i planted. such a joy to see it thriving in the chilly spring air. It is much warmer today. FINALLY!


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