Friday, April 17, 2015

pyjamas in the studio

I've been fighting the dreaded "What will I paint?" since I finished my 30x30 canvas last week. In the studio in my pyjamas, I scrolled through my resource material. 
With no more excuses left in my head; hell, it doesn't matter...I just want to paint! 
heh... that last sentence sounds like it could be a Bob Dylan refrain. 

So, with gentle studio music(harp) on the cd player, timid strokes began..yikes, feelin' rusty.  Keep going.  Warming up, stretching the strokes, hmmm the flow is happening.  hey, feelin' better.  
When I got to number 3 I'm feelin' like my old self again, skipping along, and getting into the vibe of it.   It might have been the Ashley MacIsaac fiddle that my cd player had switched to, or maybe the jig I was doin' at the same time?!?  Anyhow I'm havin fun, and yay, I am painting again.

So this is what I was listening to.  It's an oldie, but it's one of my fav's.


  1. Just love those sweet little fresh primrose paintings.

    1. thanks heaps Sarah! something about primroses gets me all springy


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