Tuesday, September 17, 2013

cottage studio on the cliff

cottage at Cape Wolfe, PEI
 This is our cottage that we rented for the week in PEI.  You can see how cl!!ose it is to the cliff.  When we were down at the wharf buying some fish from the fishing boats, one of the fishermen was chatting to Susan, and when he heard which cottage we were staying in, he said: "What, you mean that cottage hasn't fallen into the sea yet?" ha ha ha!  It is pretty close to the edge, about only 6 feet away actually.  
These little plein air studies were done on the deck, which is covered in some parts, which was a good thing because the rain and fog rolls in quickly when it has a mind to; which is often.   I used the palette knife quite a bit in these studies.   The sand in PEI is very  red...red oxide to be precise...its because of the iron in the soil...which happens to be very good for growing potatoes, the islands primary crop.  The red sand mixes with the sea water near shore creating unusual colours in the water.
I have to say I've come away from this trip discovering something new about my painting practice...and that is, I get less of a thrill out of recording what's in front of me as I do from inventing.  O yes, I love the sound of the birds and the wind and sun in my nostrils, that's the part of plein air I love, but does is really satisfy my desire to create...?  not as much. I love painting in the studio, when I have time to consider  inventing my own colours, forms and ideas. 


  1. Hi Sally,

    Beautiful paintings. Your paintings and photo reminded me so much of when we rented a cottage near Victoria on the south shore of P.E.I. when Sam was a baby. What a beautiful place. I fell in love with the east coast there and it's been a long affair.
    I agree. I am not a plein air painter, but I'm happy for the people who are.

    XOXOXO Barbara

  2. Wow that really is close to the cliff! It's such a beautiful looking place. I can see how this place stirred the creative juices!

  3. Loved seeing where you stayed. Does look a little hairy!
    I like your studies and I was also interested to hear that you prefer to invent from your studio. I think you have a real skill for invention - I would never have guessed with your previous painting that you could have done it from memory - even if it did use reference for the sky.
    Loved hearing about the ghost ship. what a shame you didn't see it!

  4. Wow!!! the cottage is so gorgeous, but boy oh boy your right...sooo close to the edge...and your own private beach? Just beautiful!

    Your painting are just gorgeous as always! Xoxo

  5. Hi Barbara, I think the south shore would have been lovely too...we were quite remote on the west end of the isle, but it was gorgeous overlooking the cliffs. i also loved the roly poly hills on the way to Charlottown.

  6. Hi Keith, yep a real cliff-hanger! heh

  7. Hi Wendy, Thankyou for all your encouragement and your comments. I love the task you have set yourself doing so many paintings in a short time, you will learn so much!

  8. Thanks Hol. I know you would have loved looking for beach glass and shells on the beach. the gulls were really huge there!


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