Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunset after a day of rain...

After a full day painting indoors because of pouring rain on our first day of our PEI painting adventure, we started to feel a slight touch of cabin fever. We all agreed the best cure would be a little jaunt out to experience a PEI lobster dinner!
Sunset After Rain, Cape Wolfe, PEI - oil on panel 16"X12"
Sally, Sherry, Lorraine, Susan
The west coast of the island is remote, but spectacular, and as we crested a hill we were greeted by such a vista, I thought I was in Ireland for a minute, or somewhere equally as green and gorgeous!  The sun came out chasing away the rain clouds, the red cliffs and beaches stretched into a golden evening sunset.  I was so struck by the magic that the setting sun created on the light of the landscape, and the next day painted from memory, what was in my mind's eye.  The Wind and Reef restaurant at the most northerly tip of the island, was where we ended up, and we enjoyed a fabulous meal that capped off our first day perfectly!


  1. This sounds like an amazing and memorable evening Sally.

  2. Wow Sally, I can't believe you did this from memory - it is AMAZING!!
    Such beautiful scenery and your sunset sky is stunning!
    Yum! looks like you had a lovely lobster dinner!
    Did you see the ghost of the fictitious Ann while you were there?
    I want to hear more about it!!

  3. Hi Kieth, it's nice to hold onto the memories through painting.

  4. Hi Wendy, Well I have to confess the painting is from memory, except for the sky, which after studying their delicate shapes, i quickly recorded in my sketchbook before we left the house! No Anne wasn't about, but we did hear about a burning ghost ship that is island folklore, we watched for it on the horizon each night at dusk but it was a no show for us:)

  5. Just beautiful mom! You ladies look so cute in your little lobster bibs!


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