Monday, September 23, 2013

Saturday jurying

John Climenhage
The Belleville Artists Association had asked me a few months back to be a member of the jury for their annual fall show, and I accepted with pleasure. This past Saturday was the day, along with Peterborough artist John Climenhage
Being part of a jury is both interesting and exciting.  It's interesting because it gives me a great opportunity to ask myself what contributes to good art, while all the while making me sit up and take notice of each artists individual journey.  It's exciting because it's a privilege to get to view each members best efforts before the show opens.  
If I had any apprehensions at all going in, it was only that I had not yet met the other juror, and I hoped if our views conflicted, we would still be able to work effectively to reach agreement.  I needn't have worried.  As John said..." the works speak for themselves". 
another one from the cliff...PEI
The Belleville Artists Association members that I met during my visit were a very professional and delightful group. A light lunch was enjoyed with the BAA volunteers before the session started to welcome and familiarize us before we got to the task at hand.  It was a long process, and I was very tired afterwards, but I did feel good about which works were chosen for the awards. 


  1. This does sound like it was an interesting event. I hope you have a great Monday! I love that cliff painting.

  2. Oh Mom, I completely forgot to ask you about this. Im glad it went well though!

    I LOVE this new PEI one!!! Its beautiful!!!

  3. Hi Holly,
    Well no problem at all, I didn't expect that you'd remember I was doing that. It was fun to see you guys on your way to and from TO!

  4. Congratulations Sally! Such an honour to be asked. A great experience for you as well!You've done a lovely painting of the cottage on the cliff!

  5. Hi Wendy, Thanks for your congrats. It is indeed an honour to be asked. I was happy to jury, especially since it was in another town, so I didn't know any of the works at all which made it really much easier.


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