Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thursday classes

values study
Last Thursday I began teaching my 'Time to Paint' classes.  I was delighted to welcome each of the members who arrived; some were new to me and others I've met or taught before.  Both the morning and afternoon sessions consist of members who have differing levels of ability, but I didn't feel that was a problem. 

watercolour - Farm Sky
I began with a discussion on values with 2 short demos in transparent and opaque mediums; there was a 3 value study exercise, then each moved on to a painting of their chosen subject matter.  The purpose of the exercise was to help separate tones/values in the minds eye, and apply it when least that's the theory.  Learning to see this way and applying it are often a life long pursuit for many painters. 
oil - Farm Sky

Tomorrow's Thursday classes will center around colour theory, and I'm hoping to do a 1/2 hour watercolour demo with it. There isn't time to demo both mediums in one session, and still allow plenty of time for members to paint,  (after all that's what it's all about!)  so I've decided that each week I'll change my medium for demos.  Next week I'll work in an opaque medium. 

Teaching from my own home studio has a lot of advantages for me, the main one is that I do not have to pack up and lug my equipment back and forth to a classroom setting!  I'm lovin that. 


  1. I wish I lived near - I would totally take these classes.

  2. Hi Keith, o that is a very nice compliment, it would be nice indeed.

  3. wow what a compliment Page! I love your paintings, and the new abstract piece is exciting.

  4. I also want to take your class Sally! I really could do with learning some of those fundamentals! I LOVE your two sky scapes! You are a woman of many talents!


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