Saturday, August 22, 2015

extended hours plus painting cozy subjects

work in progress - oil on canvas
Great to get back into the studio this week and mess it up!  I'm working on a commission for an old friend at the same time as finding my way with this 'interior' piece.  I've been enjoying it immensely.  Mixing lots of paint and applying it mostly with palette knife and rags, brushes, or just about anything that might create some 'music'. Earlier works of mine were painted very smoothly, but increasingly I am attracted to the vitality created with interesting paint application. I experiment with this in my abstract work too. There's something sort of cozy, about painting interiors as subject.  Many a happy hour has been spent sipping tea,reading/ looking out the kitchen window from this chair; I can see my perennial bed from it nicely too. Garden planning starts from this chair in early February. heh.

I've extended my Gallery at the Porch Door's open hours! Usually I close the gallery at the end of the summer but this summer was rather disrupted with house showings, so I've decided it's worthwhile to keep it open a little longer this year.  Visit the gallery Wed-Fri 1-5pm throughout Sept and October!  (email or phone outside of those times and I'll happily open at anytime preferable to you)
I'll be showing some works in the James Brett hair salon(764 Gardiners Rd location) along with artist Heather Lovat-Fraser for September.   
In October and November I'm having a solo exhibition at Kingston General Hospital; 10 large size works!  It's going to be a busy fall!  
I'm unsure yet if I'll be teaching this fall.  I've put a notice on my website under the heading 'Studio Classes' suggesting people contact me if they want a class or workshop instead of me scheduling. We'll see what happens.


  1. This is stunning Sally and the chair looks so cosy !

    1. thanks so much Jane! yes it is a cozy spot to curl up with a book. I think I feel other interior subjects calling me. Happy painting!

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