Wednesday, August 26, 2015

gallery sale and Fine Art America site

Wine Tour - 36x36 oil on canvas - SOLD
Happy news! This painting sold at Wellington's SIDE STREET GALLERY recently!!  uber happy; that's me!    I completed it after an autumn wine tour of Prince Edward County, and it was quite a departure for me at the time. I painted it about 2 years ago. Working in a semi-abstract way and letting my memories and intuition guide me I felt good about it, but wasn't sure how it'd be received.  I guess all us artists think like that when we venture into new territory.  I figured the best location to exhibit it would be within Prince Edward County as that was the inspiration for it...I guess i was right! woohoo, it's a good feeling when that happens.
Anyway yesterday it was time for my annual visit to Wellington. I picked up some work and brought in 3 new pieces for Paulette; I was happy she really liked the new ones too, so fingers crossed they do well for her.

An artist friend told me about the website Fine Art America. He says he does quite well selling his work from there. It is a website for artists and photographers that want to reach a larger audience for their artwork. FAA also makes money on selling artwork prints and other products by their member artists. I joined for free. I have 25 images on there(that's how much space you get for free; it costs $30 annually if you want to post more images). I figure I'll give it a whirl and see how it goes. Go here to see my stuff.

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