Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cold outside is good for production

experimenting with acrylics in my studio
Artists sometimes wince at the word 'production' .  It can summon up all sorts of unpleasant connotations, none the least suggesting a mechanical method.  But the fact is, artists must produce to realize their hearts secrets; and producing requires production. Production results in a working out of the idea, as in a series of works.

I have been experimenting a bit more with acrylics.  I'm learning their abilities and limitations.  To do this I'm playing around with a small series of 'dreamscapes'.  They are fun and keep me free and loose to experiment.  My colours are rather limited, but that's probably good as I learn their properties.  I can always add to them one at a time as I feel more confident.  
It's been so darn cold outside, i haven't wanted to venture far.  My studio has been rather like a nest at the moment.


  1. Hello Sally:
    We always find the 'production' of artists, the series of works produced, most intriguing as they do allow one a glimpse into the mind of the artist as he/she develops a particular idea or emotion. How wonderful that, in being confined to the studio, you are now realising a whole sequence of pictures. Perhaps when the freeze comes to an end you will not wish to venture outside?

  2. Hi Jane and Lance,
    Thank you so much for leaving your kind comments; yes, the studio is a great sanctuary in the cold... but i am ready for some warmth again too.

  3. Hi Mom,

    Love the look of the little creations on your easle...loving the colour, especially cause its so cold and grey out there. Cant wait to see them complete!
    Love yah Xo

  4. Hi Holly,
    thanks for leaving me your lovely comment with such encouraging words...i will post them when i complete them. xo

  5. hi sally.....thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog lately. it's been a hard week.
    your colorful studio nest looks wonderful.

  6. Hi Annette, I hope next week the sun will start to come out for you again. thank you!


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