Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Display shelf for art shows

The sitting area in my studio
Dave made me a wonderful selection of display shelves in various sizes to display small unframed works for art shows.  He had made one before in a large size which i used in my porch studio gallery, but these are more suitable to small sized works. That's two of them resting on the blue loveseat in my studio.  

I painted them all white so they will fit nicely into the decor of the Gallery at the Porch Door when i do open it up in the spring. I'm looking forward to doing a couple of shows this year.  I found out that i've been accepted into Art Among the Ruins which is a lovely 1 day outdoor event not far from where I live. Of course the weather could be a factor. Anyone have a canopy for sale or rent?


  1. Ola Sally!
    I think the photo of your sitting area would make a fantastic painting. The display shelves are wonderful. They certainly will accent your great art.
    Take care.

  2. Hi Michael, that's a good idea...maybe if i feel like doing interiors some time I'll keep it in mind. have a wonderful day.


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