Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hydrangeas and Chanel

Saturdays are one of my most favourite days.  I love it in the spring and summer when i venture down to the market early on a Saturday morning while Dave is home still blissfully slumbering(he loves his sleep, not so much).  However today was not one of those days.  

Instead today was spent in the studio...I have been working on a big landscape, many parts of it I'm feeling good about, but there is a large area that is confounding me, so i know i need to give it a little longer to perculate in my brain. For the time being, ignoring it is the best answer...I have faith in time to work it out.  

In the meantime I have been completely absorbed in the history of the woman and the icon, CHANEL.  The book is by Lisa Chaney.  I am listening to it on audio.  A good read for fashionistas(or old fashion students) and anyone interested in the power of determination.  Her rise from a very miserable childhood into one of the worlds most iconic and sought after designers, is riveting in my opinion.

And something about painting hydrangea's while I listened, just seemed right too.  A nice Saturday.


  1. Lovely little paintings of the hydrangeas.

  2. Hi Sally, You have a lovely blog!
    Love your hydrangeas - very pretty. I feel inspired to keep an eye out for the Chanel book after your enthusiastic endorsement.

  3. Hi Wendy,
    How lovely to hear from you, and welcome to my blog! Thank you for your enthusiasm about the hydrangeas.they are one of my favourite flowers, so abundant in varieties. Maybe I spoke a little soon on the Chanel book...the first 1/2 really interested me, but it was a little slower from middle to end. I still enjoyed learning about her life and times though...and listening on audio isn't much of a commitment while i'm painting anyway:)

  4. Thanks Sally, maybe I will see if the local library has a copy rather than invest in it. It's a shame how some books start off with so much promise only to have the wheels fall off half way through!

  5. Hi Sally,

    I think I haven't been receiving your blog posts. How upsetting. I am now. I'm so impressed with all the lovely paintings you've been creating. I try to keep up with everyone on my list, and I'm sad that I missed all of this work and didn't comment. You are such a great artist.

    XO Barbara

  6. hi Barbara,
    i think there was a glitch in my google profile for a long time...i sent them a note about it. i think it took them this long to fix it. i seem to be back in the blog world again. ...lesson learned: dont go changing things if you dont know what you're doing!!! ha ha!


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