Monday, January 28, 2013

East Shore

East Shore - acrylic on wood - 8 x 8 inch
Back to the east coast shore of Nova Scotia...this one is from a stop near a fishing port of which i forget the name.
I'm beginning to get the hang of the acrylics, quite a different feeling than what i'm used to in oils...but I'm determined to keep with it.  I like how they dry fast.  I do not like how they wreck my brushes.


  1. Hello Sally:
    This really is most attractive. The acrylics do, we feel, in this instance give a very translucent quality to the water and serve to emphasise the sense of light in the whole painting.

  2. Hi Sally!
    Nice work. Love the colors.
    I have been to Nova Scotia a few times. Beautiful sea coast. Not too far from Massachusetts.
    I am taking a review acrylic class now in Boston.
    Take care.

  3. Hello Jane and Lance,
    I'm so glad to receive your kind response to the little painting...all the way from Budapest! Have a spectacular day.

  4. Hi Michael,
    Yes Nova Scotia shares many of the same sea-faring charms like Massachusetts. I have been to Boston once when i was 14. We drove down for a little shopping in the big city one day while our family was on a camping holiday at Cape Neddick, Maine. I love the eastern shore there. I hope you are enjoying your review class in Boston. thanks for your note.


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