Monday, January 14, 2013

Kingston Arts and Letters Club

Coffee Break - oil on wood - 4x4"each
Every second Tuesday evening of the month is the meeting of Kingston Arts and Letters Club. This club sprang to life about 6 years ago, the idea of Kingston artist Pat Shea, who envisioned a club for artists to meet and mingle in a relaxed atmosphere to share interests.  Over the years the club met in several different venues, but the current one is by far the best in my opinion.  Meeting at the Kingston Yacht Club, 1 Maitland Street(south of King St and City Park) we mingle in a cozy atmosphere with a bar and lots of comfy chairs, sometimes there's a fire in the fireplace, and the view of the lake is spectacular.  It's a pretty diverse group of artists, writers, designers, poets, members join each meeting, it's a very welcoming group.  So if you've been thinking about attending but not sure what to expect...I recommend it. 

Usually there is a speaker for part of the evening, with an informal presentation about an art project or one of the artists sharing their stories.  Last week the speaker was Julian Brown, chair of the Kingston Prize.  He was speaking about the Prize, it's past, present and it's future.  An enlightening and interesting presentation, where we learned about the logistics of creating and sustaining an art competition of this magnitude.

Next month the speaker is Carolyn Barnett, who will share her story and present a small fashion show of designs. I've been a huge fan of Carolyn's work for ages; it's full of whimsey and colour and style. So I'm looking forward to the Kingston A&L club meeting on Tues Feb 12.  Hope to see you there.

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