Monday, January 7, 2013

google + ...a BIG disappointment

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what is wrong with my google+ profile...and why it doesn't seem to associate with my blog the way it should.  For example, when I leave comments on friends blogs, other people should be able to click my avatar and be taken to my blog, but instead it just goes to the google+ profile, which gives a message saying the blog has been removed. ???!!! I dont get that since I'm still here!!!  Certainly it is confounding. 
3 little tulip paintings - each are 4 x 4"
  The fun part about blogging is getting to interact with other artists through my blog, but with my link not working correctly, that's really NOT happening.  bummer.  I think i need a geek to help me figure it out, what I'm doing wrong, what to do to correct it,  fix it.  I've spent altogether WAY too much time reading through all the help articles, FAQ's and mountains of blogger information...but to no avail

I'm so glad painting is so darn un-complicated...when I screw up with painting it's just a fast wipe-off then on to the next one.  if only blogging was so easy to understand.

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