Monday, June 17, 2013

Time to Paint

Holly and I had a great day at Art Among the Ruins! As the forecast predicted the sun shone the entire day and it brought out the crowds, which was just great because honestly there's not much point in having an art show without attendance.  Of course the grounds of the property at the AATR are a spectacular setting for the show; heaps of room to wander around enjoying the babbling brooks and the beautiful flora while meandering around the artist booth circuit.  I will definately do this show again next year, it was just so much fun!

Last week I finally got around to organizing my schedule for the fall which will include offering some painting classes again. I figured Thursdays would be a good day for me to commit to it, so I've created two sessions (one morning and one afternoon)of 6 week classes starting Thursday September 19th. Click here for info.  While I was at Art Among the Ruins I decided to bring some flyers with me in case anybody asked me about classes, and wow did I get a big response! 

One more thing...totally unrelated to my's about the birds. This year we have one dove and one robin who have built nests under the awning on the deck. I'm not crazy about them nesting so close to our common area, however with all the rain this spring i suppose they are looking for a dry place, so cant blame them.  Today while I was on the computer I heard a tap and turned around to look out the back door, and a sparrow has taken to perching on the screen door handle, preening himself in front of the glass on the door. I snapped this picture of him/her.  He's been back several times today over and over.It would be cute except he takes a crap each time he comes! 


  1. Hi Sally,
    Your stall looks fantastic! I hope you got lots of sales. Such a picturesque location for it. I just love the babbling brook!

  2. P.S. Your painting classes sound very enticing and I'm sure you will get a lot of takers.

  3. Hi Sally,

    Your set-up looks great, and I love
    how the work is displayed. As for the birds. It sure has been wet hasn't it. Our sparrows come on our back porch in intense rain, and you
    can always tell because the cats sit looking out the window, their tails twitching madly.

    XO Barbara

  4. What a fabulous day it was! Sunny, tons of people and the most spectacular property!! had a great time working with you Mom Xoxo

  5. Hi Wendy! Thanks for your nice compliment on the set up. Sales were good which was uplifting! thanks for your comment on the painting classes.

  6. Hi Barbara! It's been a good experience signing up for the art shows this summer, as i am honing my skills on creating a hassle-free and aesthetically pleasing display. Not to mention the workout I'm getting with all the hauling and lifting!!! Having a few birds lighting just out of reach of the cats I'm sure produces endless hours of entertainment for your feline family members!

  7. Holly I feel so blessed to share these experiences with were such a help and a joy to have with me at the show. wonderful memories created for my golden years.


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