Friday, June 28, 2013

art lovers soiree

  Thursday night was an opening reception for two new exhibitions at the AEAC.  A great activity for a sultry summer evening, I headed on down to join in the soiree... I wasn't disappointed.
One of the exhibitions was Shayne Dark's new sculptural exhibit: Critical Mass. That's Shayne in the suit in front of the red root sculptures.  I absolutely love this artists powerful pieces formed from nature;  re-imagined.  They create a sense of wonder   A hanging sculpture created from a multitude of apple bores brought to mind some sort of an organic pile of heart muscles, sculls, cow can only's that quality of seeing new things as you look at it that makes it amazing. 
The other exhibition, 'Deja, Deja, Visitee' featured  paintings, knitted landscapes, and a video installation. Mike Bayne, Jocelyn Purdie and Maayke Schurer were featured artists.  Whoops, sorry I didn't get any pictures of that exhibition!... but the works were really interesting. 
A great night out with Kingston's art enthusiasts!


  1. Hello Sally!
    Great post!
    Fantastic photos!
    Wonderful art!
    A belated "Happy Canada Day!"
    Your buddy!

  2. Thanks Michael. It was an enjoyable evening at the gallery.

  3. So I am guessing that the big red bright root sculpture at the entrance to the dog park on Hwy 2 heading to Gan is by this artist? I saw it yesterday and it is striking and beautiful.

  4. Yes Sue, you are right that would be Shayne's work! He is doing a 3 month artist in residence at McLaughlin woodworking museum over the summer, and you can watch him work there and ask him questions. He has work all over, and is a very prolific artist. I love most of the work he creates. so organic


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