Monday, June 10, 2013

sunny skies

Here's me at the OSCA Windsor Park Art show today. It was a fun day, great weather, cant complain! I ran into a few familiar faces there whom I hadn't seen in a long time, so that was lovely!  The only bummer was i lost my glasses as I was packing up for the day! They must have fallen off of me, hooked in my neckline...Looked everywhere for them, but to no avail! Drove home from Ottawa squinting most of the way! I was glad it was still light out for driving. I shall have to go see about getting a new prescription filled tomorrow for another pair. dam.  


  1. Great photo of you and your work Sally!
    So sorry about you losing your sunglasses!
    I hate to lose anything! So frustrating!
    Maybe they will turn up at the lost and found?

  2. Your tent and work looks fab. I am sure you will do well at AATR. Just need some lovely weather! Shame about your new glasses maybe they will turn up....

  3. Your set up looks Awesome!! Cant wait to help out on Saturday!!

  4. Hello Michael! thanks! it was a fun day...not so fun losing my glasses...ordered a new pair today. ouch.

  5. Hey Sarah! We ARE supposed to get good weather for AATR! look forward to seeing you Saturday!

  6. Holly! I cant wait to hang out with you this weekend. xoxoxo thanks for the approval on the setup;)

  7. You look wonderful. So glad you had a great day. So sorry about your glasses. That is bad.

    XO Barbara


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