Monday, June 10, 2013

non representation

Being tired but wanting to paint isn't a great combination, but there is something very therapeutic about pushing paint around on a big canvas.  This afternoon I did just that. starting on a red primed 30x40  canvas...just letting it flow...the paint, the canvas and me...o ya and some brushes and a palette knife.  I really needed a session like this today; really enjoyable.  I limited my palette to yellow ochre, french ultra deep and solid madder deep + white. I liked the mid-tone range of colours with these 3.  I like to try out paints that are in my drawer that have migrated there somehow... these ones were some that had come to me as freebies, either from an artist who had passed on or switched mediums and wasn't using them anymore.  Oil paint lasts a really long time before the tubes dry up.  I was thinking about  shapes and movement alot while painting it.


  1. Ooooo I like this one...nothing specific but lots of emotion. Nice to put everything out like that once and awhile. I'm glad you enjoyed playing around today~

  2. hey Holly, thanks for your comment. it was just what i needed yesterday.

  3. This painting has a wonderful 'glow' to it. I am sure it was great therapy for you to paint with such freedom.

  4. Now that is what I am talking about!
    Love this one Sally!
    No explanation needed. Let the painting speak for itself!

  5. hi Sarah,
    yes sometimes good to just step out of the box.

  6. Hi Michael, It is a joy to receive your enthusiastic comment, thanks!

  7. Sally this has a beautiful luminescent glow to it. Lovely!

  8. Thanks Wendy, it's always tricky for me to self-crit my own work when i'm trying something new. So feedback is appreciated. I sort of like the luminescence of it too, so haven't yet felt the urge to go in and tame it just yet. ha ha. It is what it helped me get through a very exhausting day with something i love...painting.

  9. This is beautiful Sally. How fun!

    It is great to just paint and see what happens. The result shows your happiness in painting.

    XO Barbara


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