Sunday, June 30, 2013

Trading Pieces

I have admired the works of JT Winik for years.  She's a painter living in Kingston, though she travels a lot, living for a time each year in Spain, the Netherlands or Mexico.   Her work is mostly figurative, sensitive, moody, and often has an intangible dreamlike quality.  When I used to work at the frame shop, I would love it when a client would brought in one of her works for framing, so I could have the chance to enjoy her painting up close; see the brushwork, the surface textures...all the stuff us artists are so interested in. 
SO... you can imagine my complete and utter surprise;  how over the moon I was when recently she contacted me, and asked if I would consider an artists trade for one of MY paintings!! Well, um...let me think... YES!! 
We did the switcheroo yesterday...and how good did that feel?  Well we both commented and said that it felt like Xmas on the Canada Day weekend! 
'The Woman in Red' now resides on the wall in my living room right next to my great grandfathers paintings which I inherited, and cherish so much.  She looks like she belongs there, doesn't she?  Her presence speaks to me of innocence and  a child like inner beauty.

My painting, 'Morning Rush' now hangs on  JoAnna's wall where she "can look at it each morning upon awakening and each night before sleep". 

It's quite wonderful to be able to make each other happy just by the act of painting and sharing it, isn't it?


  1. Ooooh....I do love this little one Mom....both of Joannas and yours...looking forward to checking hers out up close next time were down!

  2. yes it's a lovely one, Hol. I love it. thanks:)

  3. yes it's a lovely one, Hol. I love it. thanks:)

  4. Sally, I so loved reading this post. What a very special thing to have an artist you admire ask for a swap. Such a thrill! I can see why she would love one of your paintings.

  5. Hi Wendy, It's a treat to be sure. I am glad you enjoyed the post. All the best, enjoy your Aussie winter. heh heh.

  6. Sally, I always wondered who would buy your Rush Hour painting going down towards Fort Frontenac, RMC and the bridge! Nice to see that it has a lovely home :o)

  7. Hi there Sue, yes this one hung around longer than the rest:) I was so thrilled that Joanna liked it and suggested the trade.


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