Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ottawa Art Show in Windsor Park - Sunday June 9th

So it's off to Ottawa today, to take part in the Windsor Park(old Ottawa South) art show on Sunday June 9th.  I'm bringing lots of small paintings + 2 larger ones, other items from my gallery like the folk art, bracelets, handmade sewn items. 
Sally & AEmilia, Havana, Cuba 2009
My pal AEmilia told me about this community art show in her neighbour-hood.  She's offered to hang out with me for the day and help me, so that will be fun!
The best part is the weather forecast is predicting sunshine, awesome after the rain this week!


  1. Good luck at the show Sally!
    Sounds like fun!
    Post some photos please.
    Never been to Ottawa. Plan on going some day!
    Go Bruins!

  2. Hi Wendy and Michael...thanks for the good worked, i had a good experience, sales and chats...losing my glasses was a pain, but aside from that all went great.


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