Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cow Studies

Cow Study 2 - oil on panel 6 x 8
Time for a few cow studies to keep my brush wet...not much time for much else in the painting department these days.  
The preparations for the wedding of the year(for us) are in full swing.  I'm doing a lot of gardening and odd jobs most days.  On Saturday Holly & Jeff came and put up lights in the backyard.  My oh my, did the garden look like a magical fairyland when we flipped the switch on that night!  well...that is for about 2 minutes until every mosquito from miles around noticed the lights too, and the human buffet underneath them! yikes.  
We have since been reading online and have discovered a new product called Mosquito Barrier (natural organic mosquito control)and we've ordered a gallon of it from Amazon to treat the yard and hedges!  We also bought 20 citronella torches too, so hopefully all will be well on the big night.
cow study work in progress


  1. Hi Sally,

    Love the cow studies, and how exciting -- are you having the whole wedding at your place? I love weddings, but I know it's a bit fraught when it's your child getting married. It sounds magical. And thanks for the product tip. For the first time in a long time mosquitoes are bad in Toronto too!

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. hey there Barbara, yes we are having the whole wedding at our place...outside, the vows by the fence, and the reception out back in a big tent...I will take piccys and post afterwards. We are getting it catered, so not heaps of work for me other than keeping up the garden.


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