Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Eve

Summer Eve - oil on linen - 18x14"
It was a little cooler in my studio today; not so humid as yesterday.  The sun didn't really make an entrance until about 2pm so it didn't have time to heat up...which was nice as I was itching to get painting.  I made a start on this a couple of days ago, but ran out of steam, so it was a good feeling to get working into it again this afternoon. I really wanted to work in unexpected (but somehow believable colours) chose a palette that was short on blue.  I didn't want boring blue water.  I was eyeing the raw umber in my paint drawer and decided that might change things up.   I would like to ground that sailboat in the front a bit more with some dark at it's base but otherwise calling it done.  I really like working on 18 x14 size, I think it's becoming my new favourite size, especially for my Kingston paintings.


  1. Beautiful. How incredibly lovely. It's magic how water reflects the light of sunsets and sunrises. Superb mood. Wonderful.

    XOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. Hello Sally,

    Yes, this is a most intriguing palette of colours, and it really works.

    It captures the heat and the mood of a summer's evening when even boats on the water move languidly in the absence of a breeze.

  3. Thank you Barbara. this one kind of just painted itself. i think it's really 'dreamscape' because it's totally invented, except for the land mass on the horizon.

  4. hello Jane and Lance. In reality any time I've ever been out on Lake Ontario in a boat, it's been very choppy, so this is an anomoly...but one can dream (and paint) anything.

    I hope you are enjoying your summer.


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