Monday, July 14, 2014

reasons art changes

Cow Study - oil on panel - 6 x 8 inch
I read an article here by artist Tania Dibbs about moving from realism into abstraction. Many things rang true as I read about her reasons for seeking new ways in her art.  I identified because I know my own art has changed significantly over 30 years of painting, and will likely change more as time goes on.   Often I hear people say they prefer my 'old work'.  I smile.  It is a common thing for an artist to hear. Sometimes I will go back to old ways to fulfill a commission request for my business, but I have to admit at that point it becomes a job. In my head it's quite different from the reasons that drive me to create in the first place.
I'm working on another bike painting; while blocking in,  I turned it upside down to 'read' the design better.  It allowed me to see the areas I needed to be more passive, and other areas which could use some seems to me a far more interesting way to work than worrying about how it is rendered.  I hope to continue in this style moving up and down the ladder of abstraction to bring it to fruition...stay tuned for that one.
Meanwhile here's my other small panel cow study.


  1. Hi Sally,

    I love what you do. People feel licensed to say the strangest things to artists. Someone said that's like saying, 'I liked you better when your hair was short, or long.' Bizarre. I love the changes you go through as they happen. All of your work is amazing.


  2. I think that whatever the artistic medium (painting, poetry, music) it changes as we change since it's an extension of us :)

  3. This post really struck a chord with me. I think many artists start out with the safety of realism, until the begin to really know and understand what makes their art special and uniquely their own. The forms and lines, the values, the mood they want to convey... and some of us find that we can express something best through abstraction, but it's abstraction based on solid elements and principles of art. We have to go with what's inside of us at the time, regardless of what others expect to see. I love your painting Wetland Pool where you show those principles so nicely and express such a strong sense of mood and atmosphere. The cow studies are wonderful too, with the way you paint the light so well. What a great collection of art here!

  4. Barbara thank you once again for your sincere approval. I know it's funny isnt it...i thought the analogy of the haircut scenario is quite good!

  5. I agree Keith...change is inevitable and good

  6. hi Katherine, thanks for your feedback, I agree with you on how the evolution of art practice teaches us more about our own tastes and tendencies, and how it is a time thing too in that we cant run until we learn how to walk.


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