Friday, July 11, 2014

mid July

Close of Day - oil on linen - 18x14"
Summer seems to be flying by...only 2 weeks until my daughter Holly's wedding...and only one month until my daughter Rachel will have her baby!  this weekend my daughter Jane is coming home from Toronto for the weekend to lend a hand helping with some of the prep for the wedding. It will be nice for a little family time before the main event.  It's an exciting summer here at the Chupick's!  We are having the wedding outside in the yard...the vows by the fence officiated by a good friend, and a tent out back for the soiree. The dance floor will be under the stars and fairy lights  between the house and the barn.  Hope we have good weather, it would really be sweet if that happened...fingers crossed...we've put in our request to the universe;)  Here's a picture of the plumbago window boxes(taken in the early morning) lined up along the fence where Holly and Jeff will say their vows. I got them from Sun Harvest greenhouses, I put in my order early in the spring, and only picked them up last weekend, as they needed time to come into flower in the greenhouse. Plumbago likes it hot. It's a plant with special memories for me of our time in Australia...we had a front hedge of it at our home in Point Lonsdale.

In the art department...I felt like changing things up a little when painting the sky in my landscape above; it was more fun than sticking with same old, same old.


  1. I like the sky very much! That's funny that you wanted to work on accentuating your sky in your artwork... I've been thinking the same thing. Maybe it's the time of year to really see some imaginative cloud formations, I guess. I love you brought out the colors, almost as though the sky were reflecting the earth, like they were complimenting one another. Very beautifully done! That plumbago... I need to get some of that! Will it grow in Ohio?

  2. hello Katherine. Thanks it's nice to have your feedback especially since I was trying something new in this sky. funny you've been thinking the same thing...i just felt like i needed some activity going on instead of just the gradation of colours and shapes, also something about small active marks seem to add 'life' in a way.
    Plumbago would grow in Ohio I'm sure, but you'd have to take it in during you get cold winters? Here in Canada I only can enjoy Plumbago as an annual as I dont have a greenhouse for overwintering. They like hot and fairly dry conditions

  3. Hi Sally,

    Everything looks wonderful! I love the sky -- cool how your abstract sky looks just like a sky I've seen recently. You have got the miracle touch. I'll put my vote in the universe for wonderful weather. I'm sure it will be a joyous wedding!

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara


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