Monday, July 28, 2014

the universe smiled too

We had THE BEST WEEKEND!!  My eldest daughter Holly was married to Jeff in our yard on Saturday, and we were just so lucky to have things ALL fall in to middle daughter Rachel who is 36 weeks pregnant and partner Matt  made it from Halifax to join us, and back home again afterwards.  

The weather co-operated and remained sunny during the afternoon AND the rain held off until after 2:30am when the heavens opened and let us have the thunderstorm that had been forcast...but by then all the guests were gone, and we were in bed! 

Everyone seemed to have a great time. 
One of the most moving moments (brought tears to me and many)was the brides entrance to the tune of "A Thousand Years" accompanied by solo violinist Jimin Shin who played an extraordinary touching arrangement. 

 The caterer's food was exceptional and timed just right(thank you happy Jack!). 

The event tents were enormous...way grander than I had anticipated, so there was heaps of room for all. Lots of mingling and socializing, no segregated groups, and dancing...o yes there was lots and lots of dancing. fun!  
During the bride and groom's first dance everyone lit giant sparklers; a truly magical moment. 
Sometimes life's moments are art; for us this was one of them.


  1. Oh Sally, what a wonderful day you looked to have had. So happy for you all. Congratulations, love and best wishes x x

  2. Oh Sally, it all looks wonderful and so lovely, congratulations to all of you. What a perfect day. You all look so happy and beautiful!!

  3. Thank you Sarah! It was magical.

  4. thank you Annette, we really had a wonderful wonderful time.

  5. Thank you Keith! I will pass on your congrats.

  6. How wonderful. Congratulations Sally. It sounds like it was absolutely perfect.

    Hugs to you.



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