Monday, November 12, 2012

Building my ETSY shop

In between working on some commissions, in the studio, which I"m not ready to share yet, i've been on the computer quite a bit, as my eyes and my head are letting me know! Often I'm getting into bed at night, with a case of screen buzz.  Maybe you know it? 

The reason is, I've been working on building my ETSY shop for some of my smaller art pieces. I started with 4 pieces and am slowly adding 1 item a day until I get enough to call it a 'shop'.   It's been fun learning about it, but at the same's a bit of a time eater!  ha ha. heh.  Etsy has all kinds of newsletters and helpful ideas and suggestions to help promote your etsy shop.  Today I photographed my little 'Lighhouse at Dusk' painting for the shop, and as suggested I photographed how it could look in various ways, including how it would be received if a person orders it as a gift...  That is to entice gift givers at this time of year. heh. 

I'm not going to say i'm not  a little proud of the way it looks in it's gift box, all dressed up for the party! heh.


  1. I LOVE your little Etsy shop!! Just the cutest! I really like how you have displayed what your painting will looked like when mailed. I will get on the computer this evening and pass the word around online tonight~

  2. Hi Holly!! Yes, I found that crimped pink paper in my wrap drawer...i'm sure it was left from a cake pop gift, but I think it's so pretty to pad the gift boxes with becaue it matches my logo. I might get some red too, for Christmas. Etsy has all kinds of ideas for photographing your items to promote them at their best. It's kind of fun, and we'll see what happens. Thanks honey!


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