Friday, November 9, 2012

Glazing 101

Still Life with Fruit - oil on panel - 16"x12"
Last evening I picked up my friend Bonnie Brooks, who lives nearby,  and off we went to the class we're taking on glazing with Dan Hughes.  It was good to get back to the class as I had missed one session while I was away in Vermont. We worked on paintings from a still life that Dan had set up, and last night I painted a thick glaze of van dyck brown over my previously painted but now dry painting.  After the glaze was applied, and waiting about 1/2 hour, I began to wipe out the areas in light with a clean rag revealing the underpainting in areas.  Next we painted back into the tacky surface.  It was fun to learn how to work with the glaze when it's still wet like that. 

The best way i can describe the process is to compare it to having a conversation.  The painting reveals something...and I respond with my brush...when that response is applied, it sets up other areas that need working out, and so on. I will be delighted to ad this method to my own work when i feel i can use it.  It's a  meditative way to work, and i enjoyed it.

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  1. Love this and the discussion on shapes. Your paintings from your holiday and this one are lovely.

    I am learning a lot from reading your posts.

    XO Barbara


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