Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Homage to Bits

Bits and Bites, Bits on the perch, Bites in nestbox
Bits died last week.  He was such a sweet little guy.  If ever there was a little bird who wanted to be your friend it was Bits. He was my daughter Holly's lovebird. He liked to perch on her hand if he heard the water running while she was washing dishes... to take a quick splash under the running tap.  And he liked to be talked to and stroked.

His partner's name is Bites.  Bites has an appropriate name.  She is a bit of a bitch.  Bits & Bites came into Holly and Jeff's life about 3 years ago shortly after they moved into their house in Orleans.  They have a huge cage in the living room, near the window in summer months, so they can look out at other wildlife in the backyard; and in the centre of the room in winter months so they can stay cosy.  They were definately busy little lovebirds; they had lots of babies which grew up and found new homes with friends and co-workers.  At the moment, Bites is still busy raising 2 babies born last month...but she has noticed the passing of her man.  Holly tells me she has mellowed a bit.


  1. Awwww thanks so much for blogging about this mom! I love this picture and have never seen it before. The little babies are coming along great! One is blue and the other is bright yellow! Thanks again this is too sweet! Xoxoxo

  2. My heart went out to you honey...and when I came across this picture...well i thought of a little tribute to His Tweetship. ha ha. glad you enjoyed it.


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