Monday, November 5, 2012

The Artists Way, and Indoor painting

CLICK TO BUY 6x8 inch oil on panel
Last month I had a birthday, and my middle daughter Rachel, surprised me with an online gift card from Chapters!  I had never heard of an online gift card before, (such a great idea!) but of course I was delighted, and went right to the website and ordered myself a book that I've hankered after for a while; The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. Looking forward to enjoying it.

During the bad weather as the hurricane skirted us last week in Vermont, instead of going out to paint, i stayed in and painted instead...hydrangeas are always a favourite, so I did two little ones.


  1. Love the painting of Hydrangeas. I am sitting in a garage waiting for my car to be fixed while I read this. What a treat. I love that book The Artist's Way. I have used it in my Journaling for Creativity

    XO Barbara

  2. Hope you got the car fixed fine. I'm loving the book so far, thank for your comment!


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