Thursday, November 29, 2012

Purchasing Art

Sydney Heads - watercolour- 15" x 22"
   I read a blog post by Sandy Askey-Adams, PSA  and it struck a chord with me today.  She talks about "What art is not, and purchasing art that is" 

 I couldn't agree with her more. 
As an artist it means so much when another person makes a connection with your art. Making the connection, then acting on it by purchasing the art is icing on the cake!

 The truth in the art is the intangible thing, responsible for the communication,...the connection. 


  1. Super painting, and I know someone will purchase it. Someone said that it's love that makes people buy work. I'm sure that was true for the Medicis too.

    We welcome that affection that leads to a connection and to a sale.

    XO Barbara

  2. Thanks for your comment Barbara. This painting is actually not for sale, it is one that i did years ago in Australia, and will remain in my collection.I needed something to illustrate my blog post,i didn't have anything new to show, so thought of posting something out of my history.


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