Friday, November 16, 2012

Play it again...

One of the requests I had recently received was for a repeat of a painting that I had painted a number of years back... the customer had a print, but wanted a painting of the same image.
I used a giclee print from my original painting(right) as a resource for my new painting(left)

I'm thrilled when people recognise the value in a real painting. It doesn't matter whether it's a second visiting of the image or not, somehow it lives. To me, real art has a power beyond the image, possessing the artists hand(and a bit of their soul) within each brushstroke; a signature of sorts.   I always think about this connection from artist to viewer and the power of it, when I view (real) works at museums and galleries. I think perhaps it's energy.  


  1. Wow!!! You did an incredible job at recreating your original works. They look identical. Im sure your client will be very happy!

  2. Thanks Holly. I've contacted the client, and she seems pleased. So all good.


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