Saturday, November 17, 2012

Follow your nose

me in blue dress, grandma is behind me, shop window on right
Kinloss Station
Our sense of smell  recalls memories.  When I lived in Kinloss, Scotland as a child, we lived across the meadow from a station. I smelt coal in the air on my morning walk to school. On our trips to the bakery shop, the scrummy smells of scones and pork pies lined the shelves. My grandma and grandad owned a tiny grocery shop in Stamford, England.  On occasion, my grandma would let my cousin, my brothers and I (pictured) into the shop to pick out a favourite item as a special treat. I usually chose a gorgeous purple plum, or sometimes a sherbet fountain with licorice.  To this day the taste of a ripe plums takes my memory right back to being seven years old again!

Yesterday I baked Christmas cakes.  My friend Janet (who makes the best one in the world) gave me her recipe, (really thrilled to get that, thanks Janet!) so after a thorough soaking of the fruits and nuts in brandy overnight, yesterday afternoon I began.  oh wow.  I was right back in my mothers kitchen again as a child smelling that cake batter! hmmm mmm.   

As some of you may already know, I sell teas from my summer Gallery at the Porch Door. This week a new variety I ordered arrived.  It is Long Island Strawberry Green tea. Oh my goodness the smell of this tea!!... brings back memories of strawberry picking in Sag Harbour....well that's what the label says...I've never actually picked strawberries in Sag Harbour, but I'm sure I would love it by the smell of this tea.  It tastes divine too.  And we all know we need to drink more green tea. 
This morning as I type this I am sipping Lovers Leap orange pekoe tea.  It is awesome for an after dinner tea, but good in the morning too.  I will never go back to the Tetley tea man again.

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